Aug 23

Campaign Commander Coral Sea

Campaign Commander Coral Sea

First thoughts:

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La Bataille Talavera Counters

La Bataille Talavera Counters

The community of wargamers never ceases to amaze me, here, and elsewhere on the web.

Over the past few years since I rejoined the fold I have had many generous offers, and acts performed for my gaming endeavours.

From offers of loans of titles such as The Longest Day, copies of games I just “must play”, scans of rules, articles to enhance play, replacement counters sent for free and more.

2014-08-22 16.38.11


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Talvera CoA setup.

Let’s get busy. A quick review of rules and off we go. I do need to print some morale tracks.

Talvera CoA setup.

Let’s get busy. A quick review of rules and off we go. I do need to print some morale tracks.

Aug 22


Reluctant Enemies Turn 2

Reluctant Enemies Turn 2

Well looks like the Vichy French (VF) are in a world of problems..

Here are the CW moves for the turn:

Along the coast he shells and DG’s, but has some of his best units also DG’d by my pre emptive hits in reaction phase ;)


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MBT MAde the cut!

MBT MAde the cut!

#GMTgames email : “MBT has made the P500 cut”.

But now we need it to get to 700 before is pushes its way thru the long queue to be printed.

Rally up people lets “git ‘er done”



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Storm over Dien Bien Phu

Storm over Dien Bien Phu

Game Play Action



Turn 1, the VM (Viet Minh) forces assault position Beatrice (A14), using 2/3s of a Regiment.

The French intervene with a Debouchez a zero. Then follow up with a B-26 attack!


The Vietnamese launch Katy based rockets into Gabrielle. The French retreat relinquishing the area.

More Fighter bombers pile into the VM in Area 6,causing a retreat.


The Frecnh Fire into Area 6,…

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Aug 21

Free Digital OSprey titles

Free Digital OSprey titles

Get them while they are hot: Free Osprey titles for your Digital reading pleasure.

Every so often for 24 hours titles go on sale for $0.00

A huge selection of titles, mostly for free or a $1.49.

Thanks to the men and women who support the BGG list notifying us of these bargains for light reading.


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LDoGA: 15th June Night turn

LDoGA: 15th June Night turn


The wall map combined with squinty fonts and colors ICK. As I reviewed the turn I realized I had brought units in on the wrong spot, and wrong times to boot.

I had everything set aside but thought it would be a nice prompter to be ‘board side’ per the map. To no avail.

In any case, I think I have everyone in place now.

The curious thing about the chit pull draw is that once you use a chit to…

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Post a picture of your favorite die or dice

Post a picture of your favorite die or dice

Here let me kick off. Join in and post your images of your favorite dice.

First for love not for use:

2013-03-25 09.31.37

Stunner! Amber Rix of RixDice. Sweet machined precision goodness.

Then the dread LNL blue die of death know and feared by all who play me @ LNL….through good times and bad. The go to die:

2014-08-21 12.24.38

My favorite two to use playing games that require 2d6:

2014-08-21 12.17.32

Can anyone tell the difference in image quality…

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15AM The Last Days …..correction

15AM The Last Days …..correction

Well… You cant say I did not warn you that I would make errors, as it has indeed been awhile since I played.

The attack with the OG cannot happen with the Cavalry support.

As the streams and rivers cost extra to cross wether pontoon, bridged or unbridged.

Thus the end of the turn for the French there now looks like this:

2014-08-21 08.25.10On a positive note we did move the Bridging train correctly. I am using 5MP…

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Reluctant Enemies T1, Commonwealth

Reluctant Enemies T1, Commonwealth


C’Wealth advances up the Coastal Route A and presses upto Merdjayoun along Route B the Mountain Valley, but not attacking.

Historical attacks across the Litani, which appeared to have better access thru the Escarpment terrain:



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Aug 20

15th June AM Last Days of Grande Armee

15th June AM Last Days of Grande Armee


Leveraging the unique initiative chit, Napoleon elects to press fast and far Turn 1.

I am a bit rusty on the rules so forgive major blunders. I will try and roll back and catch them where I can. For instance I think I need to stack the Bridging Train with a unit…and it cannot force march….see what I mean by rules lapses :)

Both attacks are successful. The Left flank attacking using II corps and…

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Last Days….of the Grand Armee

Last Days….of the Grand Armee

2014-08-20 19.18.14

Well… While we wait we may as well do some other Napoleonic thing with Welly in it …Yes? (more…)

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