Jul 28

Quick update - Panzer #3 Turn 5 Scn 31…

Quick update – Panzer #3 Turn 5 Scn 31…

2014-07-28 19.20.15

8 APC’s are burning.

Wittman calmly directs fire.

Brandt and Lotzch flank.

Then Cromwells burn.

German tank #634 engine fails.

German Infantry 1/2 squads move to support.

Chaos ensues.


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Heavy on Theme this boy knows his future is in Wargames

Heavy on Theme this boy knows his future is in Wargames

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Reluctant Enemies

Starting a VASSAL play of this little guy with my new VASSAL friend Chris. He is (I think a serious gamer, but new to OCS), we went thru a few turns of game play on Guderians Blitzkrieg and he is nailing it!


In the mean time we both read the 3-4  pages module specific rules for RE. Should be a blast. both sides have the chance to attack and defend and both need to husband scarce resources and…

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Jul 27


Rumour - LNLP Heroes of Pacific shipping?

Rumour – LNLP Heroes of Pacific shipping?

Can anyone else confirm?

One Pre order person has received notification of shipping.

Looking for confirmation.

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GMT News Production Update:

GMT News Production Update:

“So, you’ll see that we are reprinting pretty much EVERYTHING that is out of stock in the two Commands & Colors series lines, as well as FIVE of our Core Card Driven games. We’ll still get plenty of new games out to you this year as well – just not as many as we’d planned before we realized we really need to slot those reprints now.”

So too many sales, generated too much cash! BUT depleted…

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Here is Mitchell Land talking about his design work on Next War Taiwan.


take a moment to look at some of the other guest posts too.

Great stuff.

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Scn #31 Panzer Exp #3. Rules confusion

Scn #31 Panzer Exp #3. Rules confusion

How would you guys play this:

2014-07-27 11.17.50

The Brit Rifle Brig. APC restrict is 10 turns – got it.

However the “remaining British units” ….is that the remaining of that specific formation , or all of the rest of the units in all of the formations that may not move until a spotting occurs?

I assume the Former, otherwise we got… not a lot to do for 10 turns? In fact it would mean a wholesale paralysis. That…

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Jul 26

Wittman and his crew Villers Bocage

Wittman and his crew Villers Bocage

Hurtgen Forest – Objective Schmidt

Hurtgen Forest – Objective Schmidt

Saratoga Final Phase

Picking Up on a older Battle Report.
Turn 8
end turn8
Turn 9-11
The final turn had the battle locked in a 4VP tie. The British go all out attacking the Rebels.

startT11_close upsaratoga


turn12_brit turn

Pressing in on the Framhouse they bring  significant forces to bear.


As the Rebels crumble they leave units to be killed off by the Brits. The tally rolls up over 4  and the British eek out a win in tough terrain.

end_saratoga_close up

I like the combat…

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Jul 25

Hurry! New Pre Orders

Hurry! New Pre Orders

Multi Man have a swag of new P500 items up.

Critical items for me….Beyond the Rhine. Which we mentioned back in March that it would hit P500

Nice!  Theme? : A Operational Combat Series game that depicts the campaign for Northwest Europe from September 1944 to April 1945. It begins with the German Army reeling from a string of near-fatal defeats, and in full retreat to the safety of the West Wall…

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